BLUEZONES a talk with Kaimana Brummell

July 11th, 2017

A talk with Kaimana Brummel about Blue zonesProject here on Maui. Research shows that having a reason to wake up can help us live up to seven good years longer. Through mindfulness and purpose workshops, we teach people how to shed stress, live in the moment, and connect with their innate gifts. Then we help them find opportunities to match their passion with commitment to deepen their sense of purpose. Maui is a Blue Zones Community®. That means residents and business owners alike are focused on improving well-being for themselves and their neighbors. Together, we can lower obesity rates, smoking, and chronic disease to create a healthier, happier place to live, work, and play. Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) has brought Blue Zones Project® to Hawaii to transform our state into an even better place to live, work, and play. To reach that goal, we'll help residents make small changes so we can all enjoy longer, happier, and healthier lives.
Small changes can lead to big benefits for our community: lower health care costs, higher productivity, and ultimately, a better quality of life. We look forward to working together with organizations, communities, and people across the state to make well-being a priority.