Eileen Sherman talks about New York an Indie Collaborative

January 23rd, 2018

Eileen Sherman talks Playwright, Lyricist, and Producer of  Perfect Picture The Musical talks about th Indie Collaborative in New York She shares some great tips on New york for those visiting for Grammy events. 

At teh indie Collaborative there are performers from all over the USA, as well as one each from Canada, South Africa, and the UK. And we're got Folk, Rock, Country, Americana, Jazz, Rap, Dance, Singer/Songwriter, World, New Age, Latin, and more. We are also honored to have Daniela from Zenith Radio in the house, as well as Tony Van Veen, CEO of AVL Digital (which owns CDBaby, Diskmakers, Oasis, etc.), and Tracy Maddux, CEO of CDbaby.com.


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