Gov. Ariyoshi will talk Sat Feb 17 at Kahili Golf Course

February 7th, 2018

Governor George Ariyoshi will launch the Nisei Veterans Memorial Centers
(NVMC) new Leadership Series on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 1:30pm at
the Kahili Golf Course Nahele Ballroom. The event is $35.00 per person and
includes heavy pupu. Call  808-244-6862 or visit for tickets.

The Honorable George Ariyoshi served as the states third Governor. He was
the first Asian American to be elected governor of a state in the U.S and
holds the record as the longest-serving governor in Hawaii (1974-1986). As
WWII drew to a close, Ariyoshi served as an interpreter in the Military
Intelligence Service (MIS).

Governor Ariyoshi will be speaking on leadership and the Nisei values that
continue to be relevant in todays world.

The mission of the NVMC is to inspire people to find the Hero in
themselves and I cannot think of a better person to kick-off this series
than Governor Ariyoshi.  From being born to immigrant parents, to his time
as an interpreter in the MIS during WWII, to leading our state, his
journey is an inspiring one said Deidre Tegarden, Executive Director of
the NVMC.

The NVMC Leadership Series will feature guest speakers throughout 2018.

The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center is a non-profit organization that
aspires to a world where people act selflessly for the greater good. NVMC
owns and manages an intergenerational campus on Go For Broke Place in
Kahului that serves as a home for Kansha Preschool, Maui Adult Day Care
Centers Oceanview facility, the Stanley Izumigawa Pavilion and the NVMC
Education Center. To learn more,

For more information contact:
Deidre Tegarden, Executive Director
Office: 808/ 244-6862  Cell: 808/ 276-5756 or visit

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