JC Gordan on his Life Changing Near Death experience

May 16th, 2018

A facinating talk with JC Gordon, who will talk on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 on Maui,
at Hawaii IANDS, Hospice Maui Meeting Room, 400 Mahalani Street Wailuku, Hawaii.

JC Gordon is today’s foremost authority on the Universal Mind and 100% Consciousness. He was born in London, Ontario, Canada on September 13, 1957.

After graduating from London’s Fanshawe College in 1978, he enjoyed an illustrious career in the banking, financial and insurance industries.In 1994, he sold his businesses.In 1996, while semi-retired, he had his Near Death Expereince. (NDE)

His NDE was profound in that he met the Universal Mind who revealed its 100% Consciousness Cosmic Vison Matrix and purpose for life. It further revealed that every final-life-experience- soul will become the Universal Mind.

The goal of his June 2 Oahu IANDS presentation is to reveal how anyone can attain their Universal Mind, 100% consciousness, pre-destined, highest state of infinite bliss and power.

For more information go to www.thecomicmedium.com

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