Jennifer Grais,on her New CD “They Were Here”

February 22nd, 2018

 An interview with author, singer, and spiritual teacher, Jennifer Grais.  She studied energy healing in India at the Oneness University.  She is also a professional singer who toured with Jackson Browne, and uses her voice in sound healing.  Her new album, “They Were Here, is a collaboration with award-winning drummer and recording artist Byron Metcalf, and she is so grateful for all of the people who contributed to Kickstarter to make the album a reality!
Jennifer lives in Northern California where she sees clients, leads healing circles for children and adults, and speaks to teens about her teen fiction novel, Christa’s Luck. (The story of a girl, her horse, and the last wild mustangs) which she co-wrote with her husband, Michael Grais.
Jennifer is passionate about raising awareness both spiritually and environmentally through her singing, her teaching, her writing, and her healing work.My latest album, “They Were Here.”is a 
collaboration with award-winning recording artist Byron Metcalf because we both share a background in shamanic healing, a love of wild horses, and a desire to touch the heart.


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