PETS FLYING/ the Direct Release program with Danielle Hattori and Jessie Close

May 29th, 2017

I talked to Danielle Hattori,about the Direct release program and pets on plane and how to Avoid quarantine & get your pet approved upon arrival. West Maui Animal Clinic is APPROVED by the State of Hawaii Quarantine Division to inspect animals at the Kahului Airport for Direct Release to the owner. DIRECT RELEASE PHONE:  (808) 446-1521te

I also talk to Jessie Close about her experience with her service dog when flying. Jessie and Her Sister Glenn Close started Bring Change 2 Mind –Glenn began it to honor her sister, Jessie, who has bipolar disorder. Jessie struggled with symptoms of mental illness throughout her life – drugs, alcohol and bad decisions about love. It was not until the age of 50 that she was diagnosed and treated for bipolar disease.  She’s written a memoir about her life entitled Resilience